Educational Consortium




Our Advisory Council members are dedicated community leaders who help guide and move our organization forward. We thank them for their on-going support, dedication and determination.





  • Jennifer Danic, Steuben County Community Foundation
  • John Curtis, Carlin Park Elementrary
  • Mark Sherbondy, Fremont Community Schools
  • Eric Bryan, Fremont Community Schools
  • Andy Arndt, Prairie Heights Community Schools
  • Alecia Pfefferkorn, Prairie Heights Elementary
  • Cyndi Nusbaum, MSD of Steuben County
  • Lisa Bauer, Hendry Park Elementary
  • Susie Swager, Vistula Head Start
  • William Stitt, Fremont Community Schools
  • Jessica Christen, Steuben County EDC
  • Gary Green, Fremont Public Library
  • Krista Miller, Steuben County YMCA
  • Ryan Bounds, Angola Middle School
  • Jessica Brodock, Steuben County United Way
  • Barb Bryan, Cahoots
  • Anthony Cassel, Hamilton Community Schools
  • Kristyn Watkins, Hamilton Community Schools