Our Board




The Steuben County Literacy Coalition’s Board of Directors is a group of dedicated professionals who are representative of the Steuben County community.  The Board of Directors is the governing body that comprises the membership of the organization and provides oversight and guidance.  According to the organizational by-laws, the Board is made-up of nine to 15 members who each serve an initial two-year term. Thereafter, terms can be renewed for one or two years. There are no term limits. The four officers of the organization, the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, also serve as the executive committee.
The purpose of the Board is to govern the Steuben County Literacy Coalition so that it adheres to the highest ethical, moral and legal standards. Individual Board members promote the organization’s vision, mission and goals while safeguarding its public image.  The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the organization has adequate resources to pursue its mission. The Board of Directors’ slate of officers and members is elected each year at the annual meeting in May.
Steuben County Literacy Coalition Board of Directors Officers


  • Dolores Tichenor, President

  • Lon Keyes, President Elect

  • Mike Marturello, Secretary

  • Patty Champion, Treasurer



  • Peg Ludwig, Nominating Committee Chair

  • Bruce Andres

  • Sandra Biegas

  • Mike Hess

  • Samreen Kazi

  • Kirk Klein

  • Jeremy Musser

  • Ae Rin Schueler

  • Brenda Steury

  • Donna Swenson